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The Group of companies “URC Group” has been providing expert consulting services for more than seventeen years, helping the businesses of our partners grow, supporting their activities and protecting them against threats.

During this time we have acquired an unparalleled knowledge, which not that many Russian consultants do have until now, and, first of all, it is a matter of trust as this is the main starting point from where a reliable partnership begins.

In our work, we give a special accent to partnership since such words as client or customer are very impersonal and they only mean a formal side of cooperation.

Alternatively, partnership is the word that means our commitment to provide not only quality services but to achieve goals, to develop business and to make a progress together while any issues, which are likely to arise at a partner's side, are becoming a matter requiring our joint efforts to find a right solution.

Such approach has proved its efficiency for nearly the two decades and has become a basis for successful and sustainable development of “URC Group”. We invite experts with unique knowledge; carry out training activities for our clients' personnel; constantly increase a number of services available to our clients: legal support, audit, accounting, appraisals, commercial property management etc.

It is the truth to say that, despite adverse economic conditions for doing business in Russia, the Group of companies “URC Group” provides a wide spectrum of quality consulting services, necessary for today's businesses, assisting in their development and protecting them against all potential threats.

The Group of companies “URC Group” is fairly considered as one of the leading and fast-growing firms in consulting industry.

The Group is formed by the following companies:

The companies and business units of the Group of companies “URC Group” have employed over a hundred of staff experts and, regarding our long-term experience, they have proved themselves as a team, which is able to achieve positive client-focused results in the most adverse conditions.
14 Bldg. 4 Novaya Basmannaya, Moscow, 107078, Russia
+7 (495) 929-71-21

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