URC Group

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Economic Sectors

Our specialists' expertise enables to provide services to clients from various economic sectors.

The most extensive level of expertise, which we are ready to offer our clients, covers the following fields:

  • Metalworking industries.
  • Railway transportation.
  • Medicine.
  • Commerce.
  • Services.
  • Construction.

Amongst our clients, there are such companies as:

  • "Carriage Manufacturing Plant", Balakovo, Russia.
  • Behan Steel Construction Ltd., Hungary.
  • Pump Factory ''ENA'', Schelkovo, Russia.
  • InterCargoCompany.
  • "BMT MMM".
  • "GALEN".
  • LenseMaster.
  • Dmitrov Dairy Plant, Russia.
  • "Automobile Alliance "AVES".
  • "Major".
  • "International Design School 21st Century".
14 Bldg. 4 Novaya Basmannaya, Moscow, 107078, Russia
+7 (495) 929-71-21

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