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Legal Services

Legal services are the key business of the URC Group. These include a number of practices aimed at the comprehensive solutions to matters arising in the course of activities carried out by Russian and foreign companies.

The main areas are:

  • Corporate practice.
  • Anti-monopoly practice.
  • Tax disputes.
  • Dispute resolution.
  • Real estate.

Corporate practice

Within this area we are offering the following services:

  • carrying out an independent due diligence of an enterprise before its sale/purchase;
  • support of transactions relating to shares/participatory interests of Russian enterprises;
  • assistance in calling and conducting shareholders' general meetings;
  • support of issuing shares by joint-stock companies;
  • resolution of corporate conflicts arising between the shareholders, members of the board of directors and the sole executive body;
  • advising on management of limited liability and public companies.

Anti-monopoly practice

The anti-monopoly practice is one of the fastest growing areas of our business and it includes:

  • advisory on public procurement and bidding;
  • consulting on advertising regulations;
  • advising on anti-monopoly control over natural monopolies activities;
  • consulting in respect of control over foreign investments;
  • advisory in the area of anti-monopoly legislative execution;
  • examination of documents for compliance with anti-monopoly laws;
  • participation in inspections conducted by the anti-monopoly bodies and assistance in dispute resolution before the antimonopoly bodies or an arbitration.

Tax disputes

  • advising on matters relating to tax bodies' inspections;
  • appealing against tax bodies' decisions or actions/omissions;
  • conducting tax dispute cases before arbitration courts;
  • counseling on tax disputes.

Dispute resolution

  • pre-trial dispute resolution;
  • representation of interests before arbitration courts considering various cases;
  • representation of interests before public authorities.

Real estate

  • support of transactions with real estate;
  • registration of titles to and transactions with real property.

Within the joint projects conducted by the Group's legal, audit and consulting departments, our experts successfully carry out business restructuring and setting up holding companies.

The legal services are also available on subscription fee basis.

Audit, Management Accounting and Financial Reporting

The auditing department is one of the fastest growing businesses of our company. The URC Group has employed the highly advanced expert level specialists who are providing quality and timely auditing services to our clients.

Our audit and audit-related services include:

  • examination of both accounting records and financial statements, which have been prepared using these records, with the purpose of expressing our expert opinion concerning the faithfulness thereof;
  • reviewing the financial statements for a period specified with expressing further opinion concerning its results, including the companies, which do not prepare their complete accounting reports within applicable laws (in relation to companies subject to simplified tax system, individual entrepreneurs etc.);
  • "Hotline" consulting on accounting and tax legislation issues;
  • tax planning;
  • carrying out tax and financial due diligence.

In recent years the experts of the URC Group have acquired considerable experience in setting up management accounting for both Russian enterprises and foreign enterprises with Russian capital.

Within the framework of this service, the URC Group experts can also build up the management accounting system, prepare the accounting policies for the purpose of the management accounting and develop the concepts of management reporting.

Operational auditing

Operational auditing is the URC Group’s new but, at the same time, the fast growing business. Carrying out operational audit enables the owners to control the financial activities of their companies and, most importantly, to determine risks of fraud connected with their personnel.

For many years, the URC Group has provided its clients the services in the area of financial reporting in accordance with the international standards, including the transformation of financial statements according to IFRS rules.

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