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URC Travel Expenses Compensation Policy

URC Group Travel Expenses Compensation Policy

  1. Whenever the Contractor travels outside the city of Moscow following the instructions of the Employer, such travel shall be referred to as the Contractor's business travel and the Contractor shall be entitled to compensation for the actual expenses borne by him in relation to each of his employees who may be required by the Employer for the purpose of such travel.
  2. The number of the Contractor's employees shall be agreed upon with the Employer and it shall depend on particular services to be provided.
  3. The following actual expenses shall be subject to compensation:
    • the obtainment of the information relating to the existing laws and local customs, which is necessary for the Contractor in order to perform this contract outside the borders of the Russian Federation if the Contractor leaves the territory of the Russian Federation for the purpose of such business travel;
    • passport and visa services, if such business travel requires crossing the border of the Russian Federation;
    • the Contractor's employees' business travel to the place of destination and back, charges and fees including reservation fees, air or railroad tickets (not exceeding economy class or second-class compartment fares), taxi or car rental;
    • hotel accommodation (not below the three-star level, single room at a rate not exceeding EUR100 (one hundred Euro) per night);
    • cellular communication and Internet access (not exceeding EUR50 (fifty Euro) per day);
    • per diem allowance paid to each of the Contractor's employees shall be EUR50 (fifty Euro) and it shall be paid for each calendar day of the business travel including the days of arrival and departure;
    • interpreting services (not more than one interpreter per each such the Contractor's employee);
    • mail expenses, if necessary for the purpose of business travel.
  4. The Contractor shall take reasonable measures in order to reduce business travel expenses unless he proves that such reduction could have impaired the quality of the Contractor's services.
  5. If the Employer has approved the participation of highly qualified key personnel (company partner, tax practice legal advisor, lead auditor), the Contractor shall be entitled to additional compensation for the actual expenses borne by him in connection with the following:
    • business class air tickets;
    • first-class railroad tickets;
    • hotel accommodation (not below the four-star level, single room);
  6. The Contractor shall confirm the actual expenses borne by issuing a report, which he shall submit to the Employer not later than within a period of 5 calendar days after returning from the business travel.
  7. Whilst submitting his report, the Contractor shall enclose the copies of the documents confirming the actual expenses he has borne except for the expenses connected with taxi, cellular communication and Internet access.
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